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Our Mission

The mission of the Autism Angels Group is to bring together capital and talent to aggressively drive economic opportunities and technology-driven solutions that create a positive social impact for the autism community. We welcome partnerships with individuals, organizations and institutions that wish to join us in investing in people, private markets and for-profit enterprises that seek to include and empower those on the autism spectrum.


The Founders dedicate Autism Angels Group to their parents and families and their support for neurodiversity.

Specialized talent and financial backing are needed to evaluate and support the startups coming into this area, and I applaud the creation of AAG (Autism Angels Group) as smart money for founders at the earliest stages.   

-Sean O’Sullivan,  who also has a son with autism.

Father of "Cloud Computing" & Founder and Managing Partner at SOSV

Meet the Founders


Cathy Schwallie Farmer


Maureen Dunne

Cathy Schwallie Farmer has been involved in Autism since the late 1960's when one of her four brothers was diagnosed with Autism.  She had another brother diagnosed with Asperger’s in the 1980’s.  Growing up with these two unique brothers helped Cathy grow into the role of Autism Advocate.

Cathy studied Computer Science and Math at University of Massachusetts and since been in Healthcare & Science technology. Cathy has held many positions from initially a Software Developer, to Director of Software Development, Chief of Staff and Director of Strategy and Planning. Cathy

Dr. Maureen Dunne has lectured on neurodiversity, entrepreneurship and innovation at the local, national, and international level. A former National Science Foundation Fellow, Kauffman Entrepreneurship Fellow and Women 2.0 "Founder to Watch," Maureen has deep industry expertise as a serial entrepreneur, advisor and angel investor, with a particular passion for healthcare and education technology companies that embrace inclusive and neurodiverse teams. She has co-founded companies in diverse areas, including healthcare robotics, autism services, data analytics and remote tutoring/monitoring solutions. Dr. Dunne also spearheaded the Autism and Innovation Initiative with seed


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* 501(c)(3) Fiscal Sponsor: Organization for Autism Research

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